The Company

General Manager’s Office

Sibylle Tröster, Artistic and Managing Director
Jeannette Kuhnert, Secretary

Puppeteers | Actors

Juliane Solvång, Puppeteer | Actress
Melissa Stock, Puppeteer | Actress (Student of Contemporary Puppetry at the "Ernst Busch" Academy of Dramatic Arts)

Karoline Vogel, Puppeteer | Actress
Heinrich Bennke, Puppeteer | Actor
Paul Günther, Puppeteer | Actor
Tomas Mielentz, Puppeteer | Actor
Maurice Voß, Puppeteer | Actor


Susanne Koschig, Dramaturge | Press Officer

Technical Services & Studio

Andreas Herrlich, Head of Technical Service
Felix Bauer, Master of Event Technology
Thomas Gräbner, Master of Event Technology
Arnd Grützmüller, Stage and Lighting Technician
Philipp Hiemann, Stage Technician | Sound Equipment
Thilo Soworka, Stage and Lighting Technician
Kathrin Sellin, Puppet Maker | Designer
Nadine Wottke, Mask | Prop | Costume
Torsten Hesse, Carpenter

Visitor’s Services

Katharina Patzelt, Head of Visitor’s Service and Public Relations
Christiane Müller, Visitor’s Service
Rita Obstfelder, Visitor’s Service
Doris Söderberg, Media Designer | Graphic Artist

Artistic Administration

Anne-Dominique Struck, Head of Artistic Planning Office

Financial Administration

Grit Reichelt, Head of Administration and Finance Department
N.N., Accountant