The Day my Father became a Bush

by Joke van Leeuwen | translated into German by Hanni Ehlers
puppet theatre for 8 year olds and older | duration: 60 minutes
Director: Susanne Koschig
Set design: Kathrin Sellin

Solo-performer: Kathrin Blüchert

The long journey of a courageous young girl fleeing from war

Toda is in fact not called Toda. Her real name is very long and contains the letter ‘K’ four times, but where she now lives nobody can pronounce her actual name. Toda tells the story of her escape. There is a war in the country that she comes from – “one lot are fighting against the other lot”. Toda’s father gets conscripted and learns how to become a bush in order to camouflage himself. For a short time the grand-mother looks after the young girl until where they live becomes too dangerous. Toda should cross the border to the neighbouring country where her mother has been living for several years. During her journey to safety Toda has many different adventures and along the way meets various people: money-grubbing people-smugglers, children who should give their toys away, a friendly commander who is unable to command.
This solo performance looks at war and refugees from the perspective of a child. The audience sit on the stage so that they become an active part of the story.

The show was invited to the 14th German Theatre for Young Audience Festival AUGENBLICK MAL! 2017 in Berlin.

Performance rights: Verlag für Kindertheater Weitendorf, Hamburg

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