based on Carlo Collodi | adapted for the stage by Frank Alexander Engel
puppet theatre for 8 year olds and older | duration: 65 minutes
Director: Frank Alexander Engel
Stage design, costumes and puppets: Kerstin Schmidt and Frank Alexander Engel
Music and sound: Sebastian Herzfeld

Cast: Heinrich Bennke, Tomas Mielentz

The adventures of the famous wooden puppet in the conflict between duty and disposition

The woodcarver Geppetto creates a puppet from a piece of wood – it is to be his son Pinocchio. However Pinocchio does not stay at home with his father, but runs away. Disregarding all warnings and full of curiosity and hunger for life, he hurls himself at the temptations of the wide world. For isn’t it much more exciting to go to the puppet theatre, than to sit around at school? Without knowing the world, Pinocchio becomes a plaything between good and evil. He falls for false promises and becomes entangled in tall tales. After his many adventures, will he finally succeed in becoming a real boy?

The realization of this production is supported by the Sparkassenstiftung Erfurt.

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