Four Tales of Heaven and Earth

Legends and tales from France, Greenland, Russia and North America | first release
puppet theatre for 5 year olds and older | duration: 70 minutes
„A Stone Soup” by the French writer Anaïs Vaugelade, translated into German by Tobias Scheffel
„The Bone Woman” based an Inuit fairy tale
„The Slender Birch Tree” based on a Russian fairy tale
„The Golden Cranes” based on a Native American legend
Director: Martin Vogel
Set design, puppets und costumes: Nadine Wottke
Music and sound: Andres Böhmer

Cast: Kathrin Blüchert / Karoline Vogel, Paul Günther, Tomas Mielentz, Maurice Voß

Four stories. Four puppeteers. Four tales from the four cardinal points tell us about happenings between heaven and earth. About an old man, who is given firewood and gold by a slender birch tree; about cranes, who yearn for a journey to the far south; about a young fisherman, who finds a skeleton in the cold Arctic Ocean and about a stone, which provides the animals with a sociable evening. Four mini-plays about stones and bones, about feathers and wood. They are about people and animals, about freedom and greed, but above all, about the wonderful power of love and community.

Performance rights „A Stone Soup“: SACD, Paris/Frankreich, German translation „Steinsuppe“: Moritz Verlag, Frankfurt/M.

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