Casper Wool Hat: How to fool a Giant

by Janosch | adapted for the stage by Annette Gleichmann
puppet theatre for 4 year olds and older | duration: 50 minutes
director: Annette Gleichmann
stage design, puppets and costumes: Ira Hausmann and Janna Skroblin
composition and sound: Leon Altmann
cast: Paul Günther, Maurice Voß

How a little one overcomes the big one

Casper Wool Hat is neither big nor strong, but he is exceedingly clever and brave. His little head under his bobble hat is full of clever ideas. This is why he is not afraid of anybody, not even the wild giant Wirrwarr, who owns the whole forest and would like to eat little Casper. Casper Wool Hat knows not only how to fool a giant but in addition how turn two Euros into five Euros.

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