The Day Grandma broke the Internet

by Marc-Uwe Kling | adapted for the stage by Susanne Koschig and Matthias Thieme
puppet theatre for 6 year olds and older | duration: 50 minutes
Director and stage design: Matthias Thieme
Puppets: Kathrin Sellin
Puppeteer costumes: Mila van Daag
Video drawing and animation: Johanna-Maria Hitzek
Cast: Juliane Solvång, Heinrich Bennke
Premiere: 17 September, 2021, at 7.30 p.m.

What happens in a family when the world-wide-web doesn’t work?

It’s the school holidays. Mum and dad have to work and grandma and grandpa are looking after Tiffany and her older brother and sister. Then it happens! The internet breaks down. All over the world! It was grandma, who broke it. By accident of course! She sat at the computer and went click-click a few times. What now? What do you do when there is no internet? No music and films to stream? No apps and satnav? No contact to the outside world? However there is still grandpa’s old transistor radio and some old records, paper and cardboard. And so the family can enjoy something together even without the internet!

The realization of this production is supported by the Sparkassenstiftung Erfurt.

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